NYK Bulk & Projects, a pioneer in the carriage of heavy cargo, has assumed the business of NYK-Hinode Line, which had over a hundred years of business history, engaging in the transport of all manner of plant and heavy-lift cargo, such as petrochemical/energy-related plants, oil and gas field equipment, power plants and transformer substations, and transport equipment, including container cranes. And all this was done on the strength of a deeply rooted reservoir of know-how, experience, and technology that the company had established over the years.

We are credited with having transported huge reactors weighing more than 2,000 kilotons each, modules over 3,000 kilotons each, and lengthy cargoes over 100 meters long. Maritime specialists, armed with sophisticated technologies and abundant experience, are indispensable for the transport of these cargoes. NYK Bulk & Projects particularly excels in the transport of project and heavy cargoes to all regions of the world, boasting a record of transport to more than 100 countries around the globe.

Safe and timely transport is guaranteed by a large fleet of unique vessels centering on Kibi and Kamo, both of which are outfitted with heavylift cranes having a 450-kiloton capacity, and the Ro-Ro module vessels Yamato and Yamatai.

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