M/V YAMATAI and M/V YAMATO are each equipped with an air lubrication system that reduces the frictional resistance between the water and the hull, thus reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions, and making these two vessels extremely eco-friendly.

Recognitions Received:
2013 Japan’s Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Award at the 2013 Eco-Products Awards
2013 Highest award at the 2013 Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Awards
2013 Finalist for the Clean Shipping Award at the 2013 Seatrade Awards
2013 Award for excellence at the 40th Environmental Awards
2012 Japan’s 2012 Minister of the Environment Award
2011 Special award at the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers’ Ship of the Year Awards
2010 Significant Ships of 2010 Award by The Royal Institution of Naval Architects
19,800 DWT Type Self-Propelled Module Carriers
Deadweight at Summer Load Draft 19,812 metric tons Breadth (MLD) 38.00 m
Deadweight at Design Draft 10,195 metric tons Designed Draft (MLD) 4.50 m
Gross Tonnage (I.L.L.C. 1969) 14,538 ton Summer Load Draft (MLD) 6.34 m
Length Overall (Loa) 162 m Deck Space (L x B) 130 m x 36 m