Semi Liner Service

  • Intra Asia

    Intra Asia Services

    NBP’s Intra-Asia service operates a dedicated fleet of 15–20 MPP conventional vessels ranging from 8,000 to 14,000 DWT in size. The fleet is partially equipped with a hold-heating system that prevents condensation of warm vapor on steel products and thus protects against rusting in winter.

    Our service covers all of East Asia, basically running south- and north-bound to and from the Far East and Southeast Asia countries.


    Our principal southbound cargoes include steel products, general cargo, vehicles, construction machinery, various project cargo, and plant equipment.

    Our southbound transport service runs from countries in the Far East, such as Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan, to countries in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.


    Our principal northbound cargoes include plywood, biomass energy resources, animal feed, gypsum, and pulp from countries in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand, to countries in the Far East, such as Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan.

  • Asia Oceania

    Asia Oceania Services

    NBP’s Oceania service operates dedicated monthly MPP conventional 14,000 DWT vessels equipped with highly advanced tandem 100 mt cranes.

    Our service covers shipments to and from East Asian countries and all of Australia, especially the east coast, together with New Zealand.


    Our principal southbound cargoes include steel products, general cargoes, vehicles, construction machinery, various project cargo, and plant equipment originating from various East Asia countries, mainly Japan.

    Regular monthly ports of call in Japan are Yokohama and Kobe for general cargo, vehicles, construction machinery, various project cargo and plant equipment, and private mill ports for steel products. Other locations covered in East Asia include ports in Korea, China, Taiwan, and Indonesia, and the chief destinations are Brisbane, Newcastle, and Geelong along the east coast of Australia.


    Our northbound service is dedicated to direct and indirect shipments of wood products from New Zealand and Tasmania to Japan.

  • Asia India

    Asia India Services

    In support of the Japanese textile industry, Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK Line) inaugurated its Bombay service — Japan’s first full-scale, regular long-haul shipping service — in 1893 jointly with the Indian raw-cotton dealer Tata. Over a century later, this service continues — now being operated by NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers.

    In view of India’s rapid economic growth, NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers is making use of its frontier spirit to develop its India service further by taking full advantage of the synergy of the NYK Group. By precisely responding to customers’ needs, we strive to further enhance NYK’s reputation as strong and steady in India.

  • Asia Middle East

    Asia Middle East Services

    On the Middle East route, NYK-Hinode transports steel products, project cargoes, and general cargoes to Persian Gulf ports, while our eastbound return voyages carry bulk cargoes to Japan and other countries.

    Among conventional vessel operators hauling cargoes from the Far East to the Middle East, NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers ranks first in the number of deployed vessels. Our vessels of 9,000 to 30,000 DWT carry diverse cargoes. Our heavy-lift vessels, for example, are capable of lifting up to 450 kilotons.

    NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers makes full use of the seamanship and know-how it has accumulated over the years and applies that expertise in an unremitting effort to promote the Middle East service under the watchword of “safe transport.”

  • Asia Europe

    Asia Europe Services

    We ship steel products, construction machinery, sundry goods, and bulk cargo between Japan and Europe, mainly through the ports of Yokohama and Kobe in Japan and Antwerp (Belgium) in Europe. In addition to these base ports, vessels call additional ports to meet the requests of customers.

    Many types of bulk, steel, and project cargoes are transported through this service to Japan, Southeast Asia, the Far East, the Middle East, and India from Europe, the Black Sea, and the Red Sea.

  • Europe W.Africa

    Europe W.Africa Services

    We have been initiated to provide the tramper service bound for West Africa since January, 2013.

    The vessels cover major ports between Europe or Mediterranean Sea and West Africa, as well as ad-hoc calling at ports in West Africa.

    At present, 14,000-DWT Multi-Purpose vessels are deployed for this shipping route and we will handle/carry a large variety of cargoes.

    For further particulars about the deployed vessels, please click here to see details of vessels.

    The new cooperation will boost service efficiency and be established a continuity of service that is greatly valued by customers. Real strength and growth is expected to be seen in this trade, which provides an important link between Europe and Africa.

  • Asia Africa

    Asia Africa Services

    For years, we have provided a stable schedule that features a monthly service to destinations in eastern and southern Africa.

    Calls are made at ports in Japan (Yokohama and Kobe) and throughout Korea, China, and the Far East. Vessels cover major ports in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, and South Africa, and make ad-hoc calls at ports in islands in the Indian Ocean. Details can be provided upon your request.

    At present, 14,000 DWT multipurpose vessels are deployed along this shipping route for the carriage of a large variety of cargo. For more information about the deployed vessels, please click here to see vessels details.

    As a member of the NYK Group, NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers also fulfills its corporate social responsibility by transporting aid to East Africa, all in line with our policy on contributing to society.

  • Asia America

    Asia America Services

    North and Central America

    We provide a regular monthly service between Asia (Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea) and the Caribbean. At present, 20,000 DWT and 30,000 DWT multipurpose vessels are deployed along this shipping route. We transport a large variety of cargo, including jumbo tires, steel products, and heavy machinery to the Caribbean, and project and bulk from there to the Far East.

    In addition to this regular service to the Caribbean, vessels may call at additional ports in South and Central America to meet the requests of customers.

    West Coast South America

    A monthly liner service to Central America and the west coast of South America from China, Korea, and Japan. The 30,000 DWT tweendecker is equipped with a 200 mt crane and mainly carries steel products, machinery, and project cargo from the Far East, and bulk cargo (e.g., copper, lead concentrate, nitrate, etc.)back to the Far East.

  • South Pacific

    South Pacific Services

    The South Pacific Link (SPL) was launched in January 2014 to provide a reliable liner service for the South Pacific.

    The SPL comprises four vessels on which containers, vehicles, and break-bulk cargo can be directly shipped between the Far East and the South Pacific. Moreover, using NYK’s worldwide network, merchandise can be transported between locations around the world and the South Pacific.

    – Vessels depart from Asia for the South Pacific every 18–20 days. Two different loops ensure coverage throughout the region.

    – Containers from indirect ports can be transshipped at one of the directly called ports in Asia.

    For inquiry of containers please visit NYK Line .

    For inquiry of Bulk or RORO cargo, please contact us