Welcome to the official website of NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers Ltd.

As a member of the Nippon Yusen Group (NYK Group), we support people’s lives all over the world by safely transporting our customer’s precious cargoes, always under our core principle: Bringing value to life.

We operate “Handysize bulkers”, Conventional vessels (multipurpose vessels), Heavy-lift vessels, and RO/RQ which are relatively smaller size for an ocean-going vessels. Those our vessels with vessel’s crane have a high maneuverability that allows them into a lot of ports, they are able to lift and load the cargoes even in ports without shore crane. About 150 of this kind of vessels fit for all types of needs travel everyday across about 400 ports around the world, transporting an array of cargo including coal, copper, nickel, biomass fuel(PKS), grains, steel products, or plant equipments, to serve more than 300 customers in the world.

With our worldwide service network, knowledge, and technical expertise developed over years, we work with “Integrity”, “Innovation”, and “Intensity” to provide high quality service accommodating our customer’s every transportation need. In the face of global warming, and the expected drastic shift in global industrial and trade structures in combating it, the volume of cargo traffic of our main cargoes are estimated to sustain a stable increase. In recent years, biomass fuel(PKS) and windmill equipment , which have been particularly increasing its traffic, have become one of our target and is growing steadily.

Modern society is an extremely complex and highly uncertain era in which a multitude of factors and issues such as information revolution, globalization of economy, global warming, human rights and diversity, and corporate scandals intertwine. To be successful in sustaining growth in this climate, we promote corporate-wide management with an emphasis on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). We aim to achieve net zero GHG(Greenhouse Gas) emissions by 2050, become an “indispensable partner” to our stakeholders (customers, clients, community, employees, etc.), and will strive always to make proper management decisions and conduct our business in good faith. Further, looking to the future, we as a public company in society promoting ESG management will contribute to achieving SDGs.


Company Profile

Name of Company NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers Ltd.
Head Office Yusen Bldg., 3-2, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005 Japan
Established October 1, 2013
President & CEO Masashi Suda
Capital ¥2,100 million
Shareholder Nippon Yusen Kaisha, Ltd.
Number of employees 200



Title Name Responsibility
Chief Executive Officer
Masashi Suda  
Director, Executive Officer Yorihisa Saitoh Administration Group
Director Hiroaki Nishiyama (Managing Executive Officer, NYK Line) 
Director Shinichi Yanagisawa (Executive Officer, NYK Line) 
Executive Officer Mitsunori Yuasa  
Corporate Auditor Yutaka Abe (Internal Audit Chamber Group, NYK Line)