History of NYK-Hinode Line, Ltd.

1912 Nov Hinode Kisen is established in Tokyo with an initial capitalization of ¥500,000 and begins operations with four vessels.
1935 Jan First real heavylift ship in Japan, Yawata Maru; is completed; its engine aft is equipped with long hatches and a 45-ton-capacity heavylift derrick.
1949 May Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1957 Febr First overseas representative office in Yangon is opened.
1964 Apr Becomes part of the Showa Line Group in accordance with shipping industry reconstruction law.
1978 Nov First RoRo ship, Gulf Bridge, completed.
1994 Mar Constructs Kibi&Kamo, outfitted with 450-ton-capacity heavylift cranes.
1998 Oct Becomes member of Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) group when NYK acquires Showa Line.
1999 Sep Head office is relocated to Yusen Building in Tokyo.
2001 Jan Takes over operation of conventional Southeast Asia services from Tokyo Senpaku Kaisha (TSK Line).
2001 Febr Becomes wholly owned by NYK through an equity swap.
2001 Oct Takes over NYK’s conventional services in Europe-Mediterranean, East Africa, Australia, India and nearseas trades, as well as its plant cargo transport services, in conjunction with the division of NYK’s business.
2002 Jul Changes name to NYK-Hinode Line and assume responsibility for all conventional services in the NYK Group.
2013 Oct NYK-Hinode Line, Ltd. and NYK Global Bulk Corporation merged to become NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers Ltd.

History of NYK Global Bulk Corporation

1988 Sep Toho Shipping Co. Ltd. is established as a wholly owned subsidiary of NYK with 100 million yen in capital; begins operating out of its head office in Shintomi, Chuo-ku in Tokyo; begins transporting North American timber using 18 handy bulk carriers sold by a company formerly known as Shinto Shipping Co. Ltd.
1988 Dec Financial backing (150 million yen in new capital) is received from the Industrial Bank of Japan Limited (currently Mizuho Corporate Bank), among others.
1993 Nov Head office is relocated to Irifune, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
2001 Dec Becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of NYK.
2002 Febr Announces the integration of its handy bulk carriers division with the handy bulk carriers division of NYK.
2002 May Head office is relocated to the Yusen Building in Tokyo.
2002 Oct Handy bulk carriers division of NYK is integrated and the company name is changed to NYK Global Bulk Corporation (new capital of 4.15 billion yen).
2003 Jun Environmental Management System Standard ISO14001 certification is obtained.
2013 Oct NYK Global Bulk Corporation and NYK-Hinode Line, Ltd. merged to become NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers Ltd.