HSEQ Management

<Quality Assurance: ISO9001 : 2015>

CERTIFIED December, 2010
APPROVER Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited (LRQA)

The Quality Management System is established to accomplish quality assurance in the marine transportation services of heavy cargo. We are confident that the System enhances customer satisfaction. Based on our quality policy, we will make continuous improvements to meet customers’ requirements.

<Environment Management Program (EMP): ISO14001: 2015>

CERTIFIED March 2002
APPROVERLloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited (LRQA)

We, as a NYK group corporation, have been striving for the environment management that integrates both safe vessel operations and global environment conservation. As stated in our Business Credo, we have established the Environment Management Program (EMP). Based on the EMP, we have been striving for preventing the marine pollution and for conserving the global environment.

<Occupational Health and Safety: ISO45001 : 2018>

APPROVER Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited (LRQA)

Safety at the workplace is given the highest priority by us, and we thus participate in ISO45001 (HSEMS) to encourage safe transportation. In addition, we have maintenance and safety requirements at the workplace and provide support for the HSEMS system, which is often required by customer-related projects.

On the basis of the standards and its requirements, we will continue to strive for further work constructively in our Activities of Quality Transport Services, Environmental Conservation, Occupational Health & Safety, and Security in order to achieve customers’ satisfaction and our continuous improvements.

*ISO9001、ISO45001, applied to:

Cargo All general cargo and bulk cargo.
Vessel 7 specified vessels (as described in attached certificate.) out of approx. 50 owned and chartered vessels.

*ISO14001, applied to

Cargo All general cargo and bulk cargo.
Vessel All owned and chartered vessels.